Targeted Industries

Targeted Industries


The Aransas County Airport is a great asset to Aransas County and the region.  With the ability to service larger aircraft the airport has much potential for development.

Aviation Industry
Targeted Industries


With Aransas County’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and multiple bays, businesses producing products that relate to fishing, boating, and recreation could thrive and be of service to the many fishermen, kayakers, boaters, commercial marine operations, and retailers in and around Aransas County.

Marine Industry
Targeted Industries


Aransas County has a median age of 50.6, the aging population is very much in need of additional full-service medical facilities, as well as elder care and mental health facilities.

Medical Industry
Targeted Industries

Information Technology

The need for broadband expansion is well-documented. Private investment can be a partner in this and help taxpayers not bear the total brunt of this need.

Broadband Network
Targeted Industries

corporate & Regional Offices

With the explosion of telework and telecommuting in the COVID-era, Aransas County would be situated well to take advantage of this growth of work from home. Additional broadband infrastructure would enhance this opportunity.

Work from Home
Targeted Industries

Research & Development

This clean and high-wage industry can flourish here with access to nearby environmental habitat, abundant sunshine most of the year, and a high quality of life for their employees.

Research and Development
Targeted Industries

Major Tourism or Entertainment Venues

Rockport and Fulton’s downtown areas are becoming more and more attractive to cultural arts and heritage venues. Private investment can be attracted to these areas such as the Harbor Front project, Fulton Convention Center, Anchor Project, Rockport Center for the Arts, and more. Such investment can be shaped to help fund needed infrastructure such as drainage.

Golf Range Entertainment Venu
Targeted Industries

Retail & Commercial Business Centers

Leakage studies have identified multiple sectors lacking for shoppers locally such as general merchandise, department stores, clothing stores, health products, electronics & appliances, and auto dealers. Likewise, the community is in need of shovel-ready land sites for businesses.  Private development can be attracted to fill this need and at the same time help solve other needs such as drainage, broadband, tax base, etc.

Retail Space For Lease
Targeted Industries

Post-Secondary Education

Much progress has been made on the Workforce Development Center. Del Mar College is a willing partner to provide the instructional needs.  However, investment is required for equipment and furnishings before it can operate.  Regional major corporations may invest in the Center and be motivated to operate a subsidiary business of theirs locally to take advantage of the workforce skills.

Technical Program
Targeted Industries

Attainable Workforce Housing

The community lost population after Harvey. Affordability is a major issue to provide the local labor force to sustain a healthy economy.  Providing housing for all income levels is essential.

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